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randy hensley, freelance artist

Okay, I'm not a big graphics design firm and I don't have an art degree.  There are plenty of accomplished, stunningly artistic and talented people and design studios who fit that description.  I don't discourage you from exploring those as an option for your project.  In fact if your project is massive and requires a team of experts in order to deliver your project on deadline, that is your best option.

If you are still reading ;-), let me tell you a little about myself as an option.

I'm an old guy who is young at heart.  I work as a second-generation President of a forty-year old, successful construction related contractor company founded by my late father.  That job has developed my business acumen, taught me about marketing, satisfying customers, organizational skills and knowing that time is money.  My passion however, has always tilted towards the more expressive side of the world...design, color, visual.   I began merging my skills back in the 90's  as a volunteer for non-profits helping website programmers and engineers build sites for the local soccer organization.  The knowledge I picked up progressed to solo work for Memphis Futbol Club & Collierville High School Soccer team.  My love of computers and graphics drove me into Photoshop, which in turn resurrected my long dormant love of photography.

In 2009, an artist friend suggested I use my skills to help her on her website project on a paid basis.  Her "urging" into this new "landscape" was the genesis of my freelance work as urgescape digital.  The work provided an "escape" (another play on the word urg escape) from my daily grind.

I still work with my original client, a successful  jewelry designer.  Since that time I have worked with other clients and artists setting up their sites, Shopify E-Commerce sites, social media feeds and retouching and optimizing product photos.  I have restored old photos and enhanced travel photos for others.  I've had the privilege to work for U.S. Soccer in designing digital graphics for their Parlaympic National Team online presence.  I freelance because I enjoy it and enjoy giving clients the indiviual atrtention they deserve.

I continue to explore new technology in the ever changing world of web design and photo editing/retouching/manipulation.  If you have a project, contact me and we'll talk about your needs.  I promise to be honest and tell you if I am your man, or you should go to one of those design studios.

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